How to Redecorate Your Apartment on a Dime

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Everyone needs to change up their apartment decor from time to time. If you are looking for ways to switch things up in your apartment without breaking the bank, check out these helpful tips!

How to Redecorate Your Apartment on a Dime

Shop for Affordable Art Online

Liven up your blank walls with some art! You can find affordable art prints online that'll change the entire look and feel of your apartment. These days, there are tons of ways to hang art on your walls without damaging the surface. Look for adhesive picture-hanging strips that are specifically designed to come right off without much effort at all.

Switch Up Your Colors

A colorful area rug can really put a lot of cheer into your living room or bedroom. Buy a few accent pillows that match your rug, and top your new color scheme off with a throw rug or two for good measure. If you have room in your budget, consider purchasing new lamps. You'll be amazed at the change a new lamp can give your space!

Redo the Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the easiest rooms to redo because they're smaller than the other rooms in the house, yet they can hold lots of accessories and fun items. If your current shower is a neutral tone, look for something with vibrant hues. Follow it up with rugs, towels and a toilet seat cover that play on the shades in your shower curtain. Don't forget to get new accessories for the sink, too! A new toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and lotion container will leave you feeling renewed when you start your day.

Get a Cool Ottoman

Ottomans are great because they provide extra storage and more seating at the same time. Look for one with fun textures or interesting patterns to liven up your place.

Are you ready to come home to an apartment that feels welcoming and comfortable? We're ready to show you around our Country Club Terrace Apartment HomesStop by so we can take you on a tour!

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