Fun Holiday Games to Try This Year

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Spending time with your friends and loved ones is a big part of what the holidays are all about. Eating good food and playing fun games is the best way to have fun and make memories during the holidays! These are just a few games to try this year during the holiday season.

Fun Holiday Games

Holiday-Themed Charades

You can create a fun new twist on charades by tying it to the holiday that you are celebrating. All it takes is a bit of brain power to think of some holiday phrases to use, or you can find some online for a bit of inspiration. Charades is always a crowd-pleaser!

Holiday Mad Libs

This fun game of fill in the blank will have you laughing all night long. You can find holiday Mad Libs online, or create your own by simply making everyone use holiday-themed words to fill in some standard Mad Libs. Either should work fine, and you will have some great laughs and memories made along the way. 

Holiday Bingo

No matter the holiday, you can make a bingo game out of it. To play this game, just think of some things that you can use for bingo and then make some bingo cards. Get everyone in on the game, and watch people try to get to bingo as soon as they can. This holiday game, like the others, does involve some creativity, but you may also be able to find some ideas online to make it easier to design holiday bingo cards that everyone will enjoy playing.

Holiday games are a great way to bring loved ones together and make some quality memories. You can plan special holiday game nights or enjoy holiday games anytime throughout the season. If you are looking for a new place to call home and host these games, be sure to check out our Flagstaff apartments today.

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