Growing Herbs on a Balcony

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Growing Herbs on a Balcony

Fresh herbs are a wonderful way to add taste while reducing calories and sodium levels in salads, marinated meats and more. Residents of Flagstaff apartments who are looking to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a whole food diet, including fresh herbs, can help reduce inflammation and pack more flavor into every mouthful of food. Here are some tips for creating an herb garden in your Flagstaff apartment:

Growing Herbs on a Balcony

  • Start with common herbs. Herbs that will be placed in potted plants need drainage. Therefore, it is important that any pot chosen has one or more drainage holes. A drip tray or small plate placed underneath can help catch excess water. Both annual and perennial herb types may be grown. Easy common herbs to start planting include basil, rosemary and dill.
  • Know the lighting requirements. It is possible to grow herbs on a balcony. Herbs need to be placed in an area that can receive a minimum of six hours of sunlight daily. Pots should be rotated weekly and fertilized on a monthly basis.
  • Enjoy herbs throughout the year. It is possible to harvest leaves from both perennial and annual herbs for year-round enjoyment. Harvest leaves as needed and freeze the excess for later use. The best time to harvest leaves is while a plant is actively growing.

Reduce sodium levels in favorite dishes without losing flavor with the addition of fresh herbs.

Healthy Living at Flagstaff Apartments

Country Club Terrace provides a relaxing community and spacious Flagstaff apartments for optimal living. Make the most of every day in a residence located near the Continental Country Club & Golf Course, the Flagstaff Mall and popular hiking trails. Community amenities include concierge service, a dog park, a seasonal swimming pool and an outdoor fitness center. Speak with an associate at (844) 832-9940 to check out our community and lifestyle today.

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