Declutter Your Life in 4 Simple Steps

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Spring is in full swing in Flagstaff, and with summer just around the corner, many people are finding it the perfect time to take charge of organization. Fortunately, organizing and decluttering your life doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just follow these simple steps to get the job done.

1. Create Three Piles

The first pile is for trash and recycling. The second pile is for items to donate or give away. The third pile is for things to keep or to find a place for. These piles should be placed in boxes or bags. For example, use a large garbage bag for trash (and another for recycling) and a big cardboard box for items you'd like to donate or give away.

2. Work on One Room for One Day

Next, it’s time to start going through your possessions. Start in one room, and don’t try to do more than that in a day. You have your piles; now work your way through the room and divide things up.

3. Be Ruthless! (And Use the Six Months Rule)

Your first tendency may be to throw nearly everything in your pile of things to keep. Avoid this urge! Think long and hard about items that you put into this pile, and avoid it when you can.

If it’s an object you use often, by all means, keep it! But if it’s not really a part of your daily or weekly life, give the object a test by using the six months rule. The rule goes like this: Have you used it in the last six months? If the answer is no, then give it away or donate it if you can. If it’s beyond repair, go ahead and recycle or trash it.

4. Go Through All the Rooms in Your Apartment

Finally, go through your apartment (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) using this system. Do just one room a day. Once you’re finished, make sure you throw out the trash, dispose of the items to be recycled, and donate or give away the things you don’t want. Your last step should be to find a permanent place for all the things you’ve decided to keep.

Your apartment is your home and your sanctuary. Keep it neat and organized.

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