Time To Reduce Closet Clutter And Just Breathe

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From time to time, we all get determined to have less “stuff.” When taking a good long look at our accumulation, that once convenient closet may be as overwhelmed as you feel. Here are some closet decluttering ideas for our Country Club Terrace community residents in Flagstaff, Arizona, to consider.

Swap Dress-Up For Clean-Up

Old costumes tend to take up more space than their actual usefulness. If you think about how many you really need, maybe 2-3 total throughout the year and that includes Halloween. Unless you are a cosplay aficionado, nix the dress-up wardrobe down to a single box and let that closet breathe a little freer.

Always A Bridesmaid, Never Enough Closet Space

Supporting a dear friend or relative by being their bridesmaid is a wonderful act of kindness. And, those dresses can be expensive too! Unfortunately, the often-bright colors and wedding-themed styles aren’t very practical. It’s also unlikely you will wear that outfit for another wedding. Try a second-hand shop and perhaps make a few bucks or just donate it to charity and write it off as a tax deduction. Cash-in on your closet space!

Re-Gift And Just Breathe

When friends and family members give you something you really dislike, well, that’s the gift that keeps on giving. Why? Because you feel like you can’t get rid of it without offending them and it’s taking up valuable closet space. In reality, after a year or two, few people remember the casual gift they gave you. If it makes practical sense in someone else’s life, re-gift and enjoy a sigh of relief. Your anxiety can fade, and your closet space will breathe easier.

The Hobby Isn’t Happening

Many people try out new things and accumulate gear to go with it. If you tried skiing, you may have skis, poles and other accessories piled in your closet. Hiking and camping requires sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, maybe even a portable gas grill. If some of these cool ideas didn’t have the real-life appeal you thought, pass on these items to those that embrace them and just keep the stuff you really use. It’s all about being pragmatic at the end of the day.

We hope these streamlining suggestions help our Country Club Terrace community members improve your closet space. If you or a friend would like more information about our Flagstaff apartments, call us today.

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